We are committed to developing novel, first-in-class, ROR1-directed therapeutics to transform the lives of patients with cancer.

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ROR1 cell-surface protein is expressed on many hematologic and solid tumors but is absent from normal tissues, making it an attractive tumor-specific therapeutic target. Emerging preliminary data from an ongoing Phase 1 clinical trial validate the potential for ROR1-mediated anti-tumor activity.

Led by industry veterans, VelosBio has developed its first ADC linking a humanized anti-ROR1 monoclonal antibody to the cytotoxin, monomethyl auristatin E (MMAE). This lead investigational drug, VLS-101, has demonstrated positive preclinical results in tumor models and currently is being evaluated in a Phase 1, first-in-human, dose-escalation and cohort-expansion study in patients with hematologic malignancies.

Applying its proprietary ROR1-targeting technology, VelosBio is generating additional ADC and BiAb therapies with the potential to offer clinical benefit across a range of hematologic and solid tumors.

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